Everyone knows that throughout winter the roads can be extra dangerous; with cold weather comes ice, snow and therefore dangerous driving conditions. It is not just the road itself that becomes more risky but also the drivers; during the festive Christmas season there is plenty of celebrating which often involves alcohol and unfortunately there are some people who decide to let themselves get carried away.

First of all let’s talk about your car and the wintry weather:

Make sure you’re battery isn’t near the end of its life span - having to use lights, heaters and wipers more will drain battery life so make sure that you won’t be caught short!

If your vision is at all obscured by dirt, snow or anything else, make sure that you don’t set off on your journey until it is clear. Any dirt on the windscreen can also mean that glare from low winter sun can affect your vision.

Ensure that your tyres have sufficient tread, no less than 2mm to be exact. You could even change to winter or all season tyres which will mean that you have better grip in all weather conditions.

Make sure you have antifreeze; this could potentially prevent expensive damage!

Have de-icer and an ice scraper handy, and don’t start driving until all of your windows are clear.

They key to driving in snow and ice is to keep your speed down and driving gently and always leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Finally, there are always plenty of parties and celebrations over Christmas and New Year which often mean that there is plenty of alcohol involved. Although it is cold and taxis can be a hassle it is never a good idea to drive after drinking, you are not only putting your own life at risk but also the lives of any passengers in your car and anyone else on the road.

Follows these tips and make sure you stay safe when driving this winter.