What do they do?

The ECU or ECM which we use interchangeably, has replaced the carburettor on vehicles. This is mainly due to the fact that vehicles are far more complex, with an ever increasing range of sensors on a vehicle. The modern day Electronic Control Unit has to cope with around 50 million pieces of information every second, while the vehicle is in motion. The early type of ECU’s were either an ignition ECU ( for spark ) or a fuel ECU, so the vehicle ended up with 2 ECU’s on the vehicle, not like today where we have a combined unit that controls both functions and many more. Since the end of 1994 most ECU’s have become immobilised preventing people in most cases buying a second hand Engine Control Unit, as the ECU is coded to the specific vehicle that its fitted to. The ECU is located, by a connection to the main wiring harness on the vehicle, this is where it retrieves its data from to function the vehicle correctly.

What do we offer?

Lynx Automotive are one of the leading suppliers of ECU’s in Europe, with over 12,000 ECU’s available from stock at any time. These units will either be exchange (remanufactured) or new units, both which come with a 12 month warranty. If we don’t have your specific part number in stock, we can usually build it for you or source you the ECU, through our world wide group of suppliers. We also offer a testing facility on the vast majority of ECU’s, we usually request detailed fault information, and any faults code information to be sent with the Engine Control Unit for testing, this is to help us give you the best possible response to your ECU problem. A collection facility is available from all UK addresses, please phone us to book a collection.