Our Throttle Body Range.....

In recent years throttle bodies have become more of a common failure item, mainly due to an increased fitment on more applications such as Audi, Bmw, Mercedes, Nissan, Seat, Skoda, and Vw all fitting throttle bodies on most of there vehicles ranges.

There tends to be various symptoms when a Throttle Body failes, these tend to include-

- Stalling at traffic lights
- Cutting out under power
- In extreme conditions fault brings engine management light on.
- Lack of power/jerkiness on small throttle opening
- Incorrect Idle speed/stalling

Due to the fact that some throttle bodies can fail after as little as 30 - 40k miles, hence buying a secondhand unit is usually very risky and troublesome.

What do we offer?

Lynx Automotive offers you brand new throttle bodies for around 50% less than the price of a main dealer, we also attempt to keep most part numbers in stock meaning you normally see the item the very next day after ordering ! So if you require a Throttle Body, please email us at sales@lynxautomotive.net or call us on the number above.