As EU regulations evolve, so too has the development of the automotive engineering and vehicle engineering industry to focus more upon the need to improve fuel efficiency on the roads and fuel economy for the consumer.

As one of the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry, meeting Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide exhaust emissions regulations set by directives has led to numerous progressions.

With this in mind, many car parts have been downsized, down sped or boosted to focus more upon improving transmissions, performance and the energy management of a vehicle.

Here Lynx Automotive takes a look at one of the most common trends to emerge out of these developments, turbo chargers.

Made up of two main components; a turbine and compressor, the turbo charger is an effective method of reducing exhaust densities while recovering the energy of exhaust gases to increase inducted charges in cars, therefore increasing the power-to-displacement ratio.

Designed to lower costs and reduce weight on cars, the main benefit to the vehicle being thermo dynamics and more efficient mechanics. This positive aspect is maintained through the friction of piston units and the reduction of cylinders – also known as downsizing.

Based on the specific fuel used within the vehicles, turbochargers can be classified as petrol and diesel based using three main technologies, waste gate, twin turbo and variable geometry, which can be found in most passenger vehicles and cars.

This emerging trend has the capacity to improve the overall performance of a vehicle with the advantage of increased fuel efficiency.

With further trends focusing on the improvement of transmissions, hybridisation and improved battery managements the implementation of turbo chargers in petrol powered engines could increase with the estimations that the market could grow vastly in the near future. [1]

Our turbo chargers for a variety of manufacturers have the ability to increase engine capacity. To find out more about the variants that we have available please contact Lynx Automotive.